Sizing Guide

Below you will find the official sizing charts for FWF products.

Please be aware the measurements below are in cm (Centimeters).

FWF jackets tend to run small - though most models are made from elastic material, we recommend most customers to move up one size.

FWF pants and underarm plastrons tend to stay true to size. Keep in mind though, that you are buying athletic attire - some prefer a tighter fit, while others like more room to move. Keep your personal preference in mind when you are ordering.

The "long & lean/slim" sizes for women are 80-88, for men 94-118. For example a men's 56 jacket roughly corresponds to a 110 with tapered waist and longer arms.

If you are in need for bigger sizes, please contact us.

We are able to order custom uniforms for larger sizes, however we will need to coordinate custom rates and delivery times directly with FWF before finalizing your order.

FWF Sizing Chart


For chest guards, FWF recommends the following:

FWF Chest Protector Sizing Chart

For gloves, FWF recommends the following:

Please be aware that FWF is referring to the circumference of your hand as guideline. Please be aware that a children's 8 is significantly smaller than an adult 8.

FWF Szizing Chart for Gloves

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help!